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Sarah M.

I so enjoyed my session with Elaine! This was our first time meeting, but she has this beautiful energy that helped me connect with her right away. Among many other things, she totally looked at my Instagram profile and watched my stories, and MADE A SESSION JUST FOR ME that I thought was perfect and it landed at the perfect time. I really appreciate her doing that! Definitely going the extra mile

Iola A.

Man, Elaine is a shining light and a godsend in this world. She is so tapped into her own knowing and what needs to be said at any given moment. Elaine helped me invite deep, deep healing on traumas that have lurked for decades. It was so opening, gratifying, clear and absolutely everything I needed. This was a stunning way for me to clear the path to my truest desires and finally, truly letting go of all the old stories that were so embedded into my identity for so long. I was able to visualize the unraveling and see myself with a blank page to write the next chapter to my story.

Raquel O.

My experience with Elaine was beautiful. It felt like a breath of fresh air. Rejuvenating! The ending was amazing laying in complete stillness. She allowed me to integrate the journey and that was the most powerful - I loved it

Nicole Z.

This was honestly one of my favorite experiences yet. Elaine has the most beautiful and welcoming energy and has such a natural gift for this work. Her sharing her story in the beginning of the session helped me to feel super connected to her, which amplified my breathing experience.

Alan C.

Elaine makes me feel so safe and acknowledged. The way she holds space is unprecedented. Our calling in abundance and reminding me that "I am endlessly blessed" allowed me to remember what trust feels like in my body. Surprisingly powerful, given it was a virtual session.

Rozen L.

One word.  TRANSFORMATIVE.  Within my first meditative session I had a huge breakthrough and let go of deeply rooted traumas I didn’t realize I even had.  All I did was follow along with her cues and next thing you know I was having an outer-body experience.  Do yourself a favor and breathe with Elaine.

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