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Breathwork is an ancient healing modality used to find clarity in intentions and connect with your body. Elaine Whae is a trained Pause breathwork facilitator. There are two types of breathwork healing you can receive when breathing with Elaine. All sessions can be conducted virtually or in-person and Elaine facilitates both 1:1 sessions as well as group workshops.


Through the Pause method, you will be introduced to integrative and meditative practices. The integrative practices are used to help you shift your energy and emotion in under 10 minutes. These exercises are amazing to use when feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Elaine will give you the tools and breath techniques to use on your own. The meditative practices are used for deeper healing and transformation. During these longer sessions, 30+ minutes, you will tap into the deep intricate energy layers in the body, uncovering things about yourself you may not have realized before. In this sacred healing space you can release trapped trauma in the body and heal suppressed emotion.


Book a Discovery Call today to find out how this transformational healing practice can change your life.


Sarah M.

She made a session JUST for me!  I really appreciate her going the extra mile.

Iola A.

Man, Elaine is a shining light and godsend in this world.   She helped me invite deep dealing on traumas that have lurked for decades.

Raquel O.

My experience with Elaine was beautiful.  It felt like a breath of fresh air!  Rejuvenating.

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