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Calling in individuals who...

  • Want to build conscious community & life-long friendships

  • Want to deepen their spiritual practice and gain new tools to integrate into daily life

  • Want to physically release stagnant energy in the body through different healing modalities

  • Want to experience true liberation and release blockages that have been holding them back

  • Want to eradicate limiting beliefs so they can live their fullest potential and better be of service

Revival Retreat-102-S.jpeg
Revival Retreat-114-S.jpeg
Revival Retreat-162-S.jpeg


  • Breathwork 

  • Community

  • Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • Cold Plunge

  • Workshops

  • Yoga

  • Nature Excursions

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Connection Games

  • Song Circle

  • Integration Tools

  • Rest and Relaxation

  • Optional Plant Medicine Journey

  • Guest Facilitators

  • Private Vegan Chef


Thursday, 7.20.2023

Arrival: 6:00PM

  • opening ceremony

  • dinner

  • connection games​

Friday, 7.21.2023

  • meditation 

  • yoga

  • community breakfast

  • morning workshops

  • breathwork 

  • integration time

  • lunch

  • relaxation/restoration

  • sunset walk

  • dinner 

  • soundbath

Saturday, 7.22.2023

  • meditation

  • yoga

  • community breakfast

  • morning workshops

  • cold plunge

  • lunch

  • cacao ceremony

  • nature excursion

  • dinner

  • ecstatic dance

  • song circle

Sunday, 7.23.2023

Closing: 10:00 AM

  • community breakfast

  • closing ceremony

Through this retreat you will...

  • Have a supportive community cheering on your growth and transformation 

  • Experience a safe space to be able to express your most authentic self

  • Leave with a toolbox of healing modalities that you can use in your day-to-day life 

  • Connect with nature and gain a deeper understanding of the 4 Elements

  • Have time to rest and relax in the epic and beautiful meadows of Palomar Mountain!

  • Learn how to live with an open heart <3


Early Bird Pricing = Take $222 off full price!!!

Must pay in full by June 20th to receive discount

*If you cannot pay in full now, reserve your spot

with a $333 deposit and pay in full by July 10th!

Venmo @ theelainewhae (4 digit code: 5423)

Paypal @

Zelle @

(Deposit is non-refundable) 

IMPORTANT: Please include your desired room choice in the comments of your payment method to receive Next Steps and reserve your bedroom! Your room choice is not reserved until you have paid in full.

*All meals, workshops, and shared sleeping arrangements included

*You are responsible for your transportation to/from the retreat

*Spaces available are first come, first serve

(The Optional Plant Medicine Journey is not included in the price,

please email for more info:

Refund Policy: We understand life happens - if you have a last minute change of plans and are unable to join us, we can offer a 50% refund or credit towards a future Revival Retreat up until July 10th. (Not including deposits) After this date, you will only have the option of credit towards a future Revival Retreat. 


This master bedroom features some of the best views in the house with private french doors that open onto the front porch, antique furniture, and plenty of drawers and additional seating.

The private master bath includes a shower and separate, deep whirlpool tub. Perfect for a couple or friends!

Bedroom 1
Master Suite with Private Bathroom
California King-Sized Bed
$2,555/person - single 
$1,666/person - shared
(max 2 people)


This shared suite features its own kitchenette, as well as french doors onto a private lower patio with outdoor furniture. It also includes its own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette, making this suite perfect for 4-5 people who want a space with a bit more separation from the rest of the Lodge.

Shared Suite with Private Kitchenette & Bathroom

King-Sized Bed

$1,888/person - single

$1,444/person - shared

(max 2 people)

Full Bunk Bed

$1,555/person - single

$1,111/person - shared

XL Twin Bunk Bed




This private suite is one of the two 2nd floor bedrooms that has beautiful views up the hill out back, where you might see deer and turkeys in the mornings!

Private King Suite

King-Sized Bed

$2,222/person - single

$1,333/person - shared

(max 2 people)



This shared suite is one of the two

2nd floor bedrooms that has arguably the best views in the entire house! It comes with unobstructed views all the way down the mountain.


Shared Suite

King-Sized Bed

$1,777/person - single

$1,333/person - shared

(max 2 people)


Full-Sized Bed

$1,444/person - single

$999/person - shared

Twin-Sized Bed




This shared suite has its own extra lounge area with a TV, a private set of french doors onto the back porch, and a view out back to the spa and beyond.

Shared Suite

California King-Sized Bed

$1,888/person - single

$1,444/person - shared

(max 2 people)

2 Twin-Sized Beds (pull out Trundle)




Just a short walk from the Main Lodge, this private cottage is perfect for 1-2 people who want a bit more privacy from the rest of the group. It's the perfect place to snuggle up and enjoy some extra solitude surrounded by nature.

Private Cottage with Full Bath 

Queen-Sized Bed

$2,888/person - single

$1,999/person - shared

(max 2 people)

Check out some additional photos
of where you will be staying!

Location: Mountaintop Lodge in Palomar Mountain, California

17+ private acres of tranquil meadows and woodlands surrounded by stunning views of the mountain, ocean & valley!

Meet Your Guides

Elaine discovered breathwork when she was at a transitional point in her life and it quickly became the source of her freedom. Through Elaine’s practices of this beautiful energy work she has stepped into her role as a powerful healer and empowerment coach. She has guided and supported numerous clients back to their remembrance of who they are and as a passionate artist at heart, she feels her calling is to bridge the gap between breathwork and creatives. It is Elaine’s mission to touch people’s lives with this work and remind people how powerful they truly are.

Nicole is a certified breathwork facilitator and embodiment coach; her mission is to guide people on the journey back home to themselves using the breath, movement, mindfulness & sacred community. As someone who has gone through her own struggles with addiction and escapism, Nicole knows the importance of one being able to seek refuge in their own body. Nicole has worked with hundreds of people in both 1:1 and group settings facilitating transformational breathwork journeys and mindfulness workshops. 

Hear from our past attendees

“It’s a fountain of inspiration that you get exposed to. This is the best place to feel a true sense of revival - you go through your whole cycle of rebirth and emerge so much stronger on the other side.

 It’s such a beautiful experience.”

- Emmanuel 

 “After these three days, I’ve never felt so much love, so much guidance & I now have integration tools that I can take home with me. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I truly have never felt so full.”

- Samantha

“In this current day and age it’s very hard to be vulnerable, especially as a man, and it’s beautiful to be able to have a safe space with such a great community, this family that we have made, who see you for who you are.”

- Ricardo

“Your eyes gently begin to open and surrounding you, you see the beautiful group of humans who have embarked on this journey with you. You feel at home here in a way that you have never experienced before. You feel safe. You feel vulnerable, your heart cracked wide open. You feel the warmth of the sun on your body, and you are completely at ease. Resetting your nervous system, so that the magic of YOU can finally shine. You are feeling all of your feelings, deeply - letting them flow through you so that your heart can open once again and you can really begin to heal. You are held by your brothers and sisters as you release what has been repressed inside of your body for so long. You are forming rich, loving relationships with those around you, and most importantly, with your unique self.”

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