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Elaine Whae

I reveal your truth with your breath.

During the pandemic, Elaine discovered an ancient healing modality that completely changed her life. Breathwork is one of the most transformative ways of self-healing. It allows you to connect directly to your truest most authentic self and shifts the flow of energy in your body, helping you find peace and clarity and raise your vibration. 


Elaine discovered breathwork when she was at a transitional point in her life and it was the source of her freedom. Through the embodiment of this work, Elaine began to realize that through the power of her own breath she could unlock so much truth and wisdom from her own body and she has gotten closer to uncovering the parts of herself that haven’t felt seen in a very long time. Through Elaine’s practices of this beautiful energy work she has stepped into her role as a powerful healer and empowerment coach. 


She has guided and supported numerous clients back to their remembrance of who they are. And as a passionate artist at heart, she feels her calling is to bridge the gap between breathwork and creatives. Knowing how deep a creative’s emotional capacity can be, she also knows how overwhelming it can feel. And breathwork is the missing piece to release and explore your emotionality with curiosity. She knew as soon as she experienced breathwork that she needed to embody the practice and share it with others. So it is Elaine’s mission to touch people’s lives with this work and show people how powerful they truly are.

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