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About Elaine

Elaine Whae is a SAG-AFTRA Asian American dancer, actress, model, and host based out of Los Angeles.


Born and raised in Houston, Texas - Elaine found dance at the late age of 14 where she trained in ballet, modern, contemporary, and jazz until she turned 18. Having many other aspirations, she decided to put dance on the back burner to pursue a degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Psychology at Boston University. While in school she rekindled her love for the arts and found her way back to dance. She joined a professional dance company and started traveling and performing in the greater New England area. This inspired her to chase her passion of performance art by relocating to Los Angeles in 2013.


While training and networking amongst LA's most talented entrepreneurs, Elaine slowly started finding herself with opportunities in the acting and modeling world. Since then, Elaine has excelled in becoming a triple threat. Distinguished by her versatility in look, form, and engagement, Elaine offers a dynamic range of creativity with any project she has the opportunity to work on. Having extensive collaboration experience across various national and international brand campaigns with esteemed photographers and celebrity stylists, Elaine welcomes each opportunity with a warm and engaging presence that brings any project to life.


Elaine is currently pursuing work across the board in all commercial, theatrical, and print work and welcomes all new ventures. Please reach out with any collaborations in the contact section.


Thank you!


Elaine Whae

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